You Will Not Buy Tangerines Again. Plant Them In A Flowerpot And You Will Always Have Hundreds Of Them!

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We all love tangerines. They are citrusy, aromatic, and tasty. But, you will be amazed to read more about the health benefits these little guys offer.

Tangerines strengthen the immune system, soothe inflammation, improve the function of your lungs, etc.

The best thing about these is the fact that you can grow them in your home. We will give you a hand in this one.

How to plant tangerine trees?

Get a medium-sized pot, and make sure it has enough holes at the bottom. Place small rocks to build a solid drainage system. Fill your pot with organic soil. Don’t forget to add sand on the ground. This will provide a proper “ventilation.”

Plant the tangerine seeds, and cover them with soil. Don’t press it too hard! Keep the pot in a nice and sunny spot.

Use high-quality fertilizer once in a while. Use products that contain magnesium, zinc, and iron.

Water your tangerine only when you notice that the soil is dry. Cut any withered and broken branches. Carefully pick the fruits.

Munching on your pesticide-free tangerines seems like a brilliant idea, right?


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