Turmeric Honey Mixture – The Strongest Natural Antibiotic

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Have you ever tried golden milk? If you like it, you should definitely try our golden honey. Ayurveda experts explain that this combination is more efficient than synthetic antibiotics.

It uses turmeric, honey, and black pepper. Golden honey destroys bacteria and viruses, boosts immunity, and its anti-inflammatory effect can help you soothe seasonal allergy symptoms.

The sweet mixture enhances digestion and stimulates the growth of friendly bacteria. It has no side-effects.

According to a research published in the FASEB Journal in July 2010, honey destroys bacteria. Researchers revealed that bees produce defensing-1, a protein found in honey. If added to drugs, this protein can help in the treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections.

Lab experiments have found that turmeric can also destroy bacteria and viruses.

Here’s the original recipe for this nutrient bomb:

Golden honey


  • 1 tbsp. turmeric powder
  • 100g raw honey
  • A pinch of black pepper

*Black pepper increases the bioavailability of turmeric. You can also add 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of lemon zest to your recipe.


Put the ingredients in a jar, and stir well. Seal with an air-tight container, and let the mixture rest for 2 weeks. Discard it if it develops unpleasant metallic taste.


Every ailment requires particular dosing. Here are the exact doses you should take when treating colds/flu:

  • Day 1 – ½ tsp. every hour
  • Day 2 – ½ tsp. every 2 hours
  • Day 3 – ½ tsp. three times a day

If you are treating allergies, a tablespoon per day will do the trick for you. Take the same amount if your immunity needs a healthy kick.

Use half a teaspoon of the remedy three times a day to relieve respiratory conditions, such as lung issues, asthma, and bronchitis.

Let the sweet mixture dissolve in your mouth, and swallow. Add it to your smoothies or just spread it on your toast.

Add a tablespoon of the golden honey to a cup of warm water, and sip it throughout the day.

According to Indo-Tibetan medicine, turmeric has different application for every ailment:

  • Take it before your meals in cases of throat/lung issues
  • Eat it with your food to enhance digestion
  • Use turmeric after your meal to treat kidney/colon issues


Turmeric is a healthy spice, but you should not use it when dealing with gallbladder issues, because it contracts gallbladder muscles. Do not use turmeric if your blood pressure and blood sugar is too low, because it will lower these even more.

Source: www.dietoflife.com

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