Stop Buying Avocados. Here’s How to Grow an Avocado Tree in A Small Pot At Home

Honestly, there is nothing more appealing and tasteful than a fresh and ripe avocado for dessert during long, hot, summer days.

Still, avocados can be quite particular, although it is extremely healthy, providing a high content of fiber content, healthy fats, vitamin E, C, K, B5, B6, and potassium.

Due to its rise in popularity, avocados have also grown in price, which is why today’s article will show you how you can grow one in the comfort of your own home. With a little tenacity and determination, you will soon enjoy a great bowl of this organic, healthy fruit.

Take a look at the step-by-step description below and learn how to grow your avocado tree today:

-- First, clean seeds nicely and determine the top and bottom of each one. Then, stick 4 toothpicks into it, separated at the same distance. Stick the toothpicks only halfway down instead of all the way.

-- Next, place the seeds in a glass of water, with the toothpicks only soaking by an inch.

-- Keep seeds in a warm area and makes rue they’re exposed to sunlight. Nurture them for 2-6 weeks- by that time, the stem should have grown around 6 inches. Afterwards, cut back to 3 inches, and grow the stem again to the aforementioned length.

-- Find a pot that is 10 inches wide and pierced at the bottom, to allow the plant to drain. Fill it with nutrient-tich soil, and make sure to make a top hole for the seed to fit into. Don’t plant it too deep, and keep half of the seed above it.

-- Find a sunny place for the pot and water it abundantly. Although not soaking, the pot has to be moist at all times. If the leaves darken, place pot in the sink, and let tap water dampen the soil thoroughly. Make sure to remove any excess water.

-- In case you water the tree too much, it will become yellow and sleazy. If that’s the case, refrain from watering for several days, and find a suitable balance for the future.

Be watchful of your avocado tree, so it can grow to be exquisite and oh-so-tasty. From there, feel free to consume it and savor the wonderful benefits it provides.

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