Put This Mixture in The Corners of Your House and The Next Morning All The Cockroaches Will Be Dead!

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Cockroaches can be pretty stubborn, and sometimes it feels like you can’t get rid of them. These nasty creatures are probably the worst imposters you can ever have, and they love dark corners.

Most people feel disgusted just by thinking of them, and others are scared. But, the worst part of dealing with cockroaches is the fact that they carry diseases.

The market is flooded by products that promise to repel cockroaches, but you don’t want to use all those chemicals in your house. We suggest that you try our all natural and super-powerful solution. Say ‘goodbye’ to your cockroaches!

Borax and sugar

Make sure you always have Borax on hand. It’s one of the most powerful anti-cockroach agent.

The power of Borax

Borax dehydrates the exoskeleton of the nasty creatures, and destroys their digestive system. Add sugar to your Borax bomb to attract cockroaches easily. The sweetness of sugar will lure them into the trap.

Use 3 parts of Borax and one part of sugar. Spread the Borax bomb around your house, and always wear gloves.

Clean up the mess in the morning, and enjoy your roach-free home. If you don’t feel like using Borax, try baking soda instead. Don’t use Borax if you have small children or pets.


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