Press These Points On Your Baby’s Feet To Make Them Stop Crying Immediately

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Babies are the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, but sometimes they cry for no reason. No, babies never cry for no reason, and mothers are always advised to read the signs their babies send.

They usually cry for some of the following reasons:

  • Sleepiness/Fatigue
  • Wet or dry diapers
  • Hunger
  • Overstimulation caused by noise and activities
  • Colic, acid reflux, allergies
  • Pain

Reflexology can be of great help here, and parents can always soothe the discomfort their baby feels by pressing a few spots on its foot. The baby will stop crying in a minute. Read the article for more detailed information.


Massage the arch of your baby’s foot to relieve any problems with the upper abdomen, including heartburn and bowel obstruction. Stimulate the lower half of the arch to soothe the lower abdomen, and relieve bloating or constipation.


Massage the top of your baby’s foot to soothe the chest area, and relieve colds, chronic cough, and chest congestion. According to scientists, reflexology therapies do wonders in cases of congestion.


The center of your baby’s foot is linked to its sinuses. Stimulate this spot to relieve runny nose, respiratory issues, and other sinus issues.


The heel is linked to the pelvis. Stimulate it to relax muscles and posture issues. Keep in mind that this stimulation will only give you a temporary relief.


Massage the tips of your baby’s toes to treat teeth/head issues like teething or ear infections.

Solar plexus

It’s where the nerves of your stomach and lungs meet. Parents sometimes can’t determine the cause of the pain in this area, but massaging the upper area of your baby’s arch will always do the trick.


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