Judge States Jailing ‘Hundreds’ Of People For Marijuana Was Wrong After It Treats Him

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Florida judge Dough Bench, after years of issuing verdicts to marijuana users, caught himself in a situation when he had to use it himself in order to cure his debilitating health condition.

In a public forum speech in February, he admitted;

“I put 311 people in jail for marijuana offenses—and I was wrong. I’ve been haunted for 30 years, wondering how many of those (people I put in jail) were using cannabis for medical reasons because our government suppressed that information for 70 years.”

Yet, he was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, which often leads to slow, agonizing death. After a few hours of internet research, his wife found that cannabis oil can possibly cure it.

Doug continued:

“I hated marijuana. I hated the use of marijuana and the violation of the law. But I had no choice, I had to break the law if I wanted to live.”

And he did! Cannabis oil helped him cure COPD and gave him another chance to live.

Consequently, she started speaking publicly about his own story, in order to educate people on the alternative health uses of cannabis oil. He says:

 “I’m now an advocate for medical marijuana…”

Doug offers solutions for the legalization and accessibility of cannabis oil in society, as he believes that it is a huge mistake and cruelty to leave the miraculous powers of marijuana in the hands of the government, which viciously condemned the drugs for many years.

He tries to change the distorted public perception of marijuana, which is mainly due to the manipulation of big pharmaceutical companies and the government.

He suggests a “horizontal integration”, which would make it easily accessible, without being too dependent on the government. He adds:

“By the time you finally go (to the doctor to get medical cannabis), you need it now, not 90 days from now…I’d be dead if I had to treat under this mandate of Florida law.”

Source: www.davidwolfe.com
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