How to Inhale Himalayan Pink Salt to Help Remove Mucus, Bacteria And Toxins From Your Lungs

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The Himalayan salt offers numerous health benefits and boosts overall health in many ways, as it contains the same 84 natural elements and minerals that are found in the human body.

The minerals in the Himalayan salt are in an ionic state, so the body easily absorbs them since they are too small. The therapies with salt have been practiced for numerous years, and their effects have been commonly enjoyed in Eastern Europe for more than 200 years.

A long time ago, this salt has been used to treat lung conditions, and the ancient Greeks also used Halotherapy (salt therapy) for respiratory problems.

These days, salt therapies are becoming popular with salt rooms in spas and wellness centers.

Salt has powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties, and people visit salt mines and rooms to treat respiratory ailments of all kinds such as asthma, allergies, congestion, and hay fever.

Yet, you do not need to go anywhere, as you can feel the benefits of the Himalayan salt by yourself, by adding it to your diet and using it on a daily basis.

You can add coarse salt to your bath, use ground salt in your meals, use Himalayan salt lamps, rocks, blocks, and slabs.

Modern salt inhalers are a combination of the best of old-world and modern technology, but it causes no adverse effects, unlike traditional inhalers.

The small Himalayan salt rocks are placed at the bottom of the inhaler, and as you inhale, the natural moisture in the air absorbs the salt particles into the lungs.

In this way, it will help you treat the inflammation in the lungs and treat conditions like colds, congestion, asthma, allergies, hay fever and sinus congestion.

These are some important facts you should know:

  • Himalayan salt contains 84 natural elements and minerals found in the human body.
  • Salt has powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties.
  • Salt inhalers detoxify the body.
  • Salt acts as a natural expectorant, reduces excess mucus, and eliminates night time coughing and post nasal drip, thus improving sleep.
  • Salt inhalation therapy alleviates redness and swelling of nasal passages.
  • Himalayan salt inhalers soothe irritation and inflammation from pollutants and smoke.

Here is how to use a salt inhaler:

Put the Himalayan rocks inside a ceramic inhaler, and put the inhaler mouthpiece in the mouth. It is for dry use only, so do not add water. Then, inhale slowly and deeply through it, and exhale through the nose.

When you inhale, you will bring the salt ions to the lungs, and as they are small, they will bypass the nasal filtering system and go directly into the lungs.

Then, the lungs will absorb them, and transfer them to the bloodstream. In this way, the salt ions will treat inflammation, and relieve pain in the lungs due to many different various conditions like asthma, bronchitis or pneumonia.

The effects come gradually, and you will notice them with regular and consisted use only. Note that the salt inhaler is recommended for one person only, so do not share it with anyone.

You can buy Himalayan salt inhalers in many healthy foods stores, and online. When you need to refill it, open the round plastic stopper, empty out the used salt, and refill it with fresh coarse Himalayan crystal salt. Then, just plug the stopper back in.

This salt can do wonders for your health, so reap its benefits now!

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