6 Dangerous Dish Soaps That Are Full Of Cancer-Causing Chemicals!

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We all use dish soap. But, why would you use anything that’s packed with harsh chemicals? Most of these chemicals have a detrimental effect on overall health.

Commercial dish soaps contain toxic fragrances, formaldehyde, silicate salts, sulfuric acid, and ammonium sulfate, etc.

We give you a list of the top 6 soaps you should never use:

  • Dawn
  • Cucina
  • Alax
  • Meyers
  • Legacy of Clean
  • Palmolive


Formaldehyde is a common ingredient of Palmolive, Ajax, and Dawn. It’s also contained in a few other soaps and household cleaners. According to a research by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), formaldehyde is dangerous, and causes skin allergies, irritations, and cancer.

The toxin is also known to cause respiratory issues, asthma, skin burns, eye damage, and general systemic organ defects.

Ammonium sulfate

It’s contained in Palmolive and Ajax. Ammonium sulfate is a skin irritant, and scientists associate it with the development of respiratory issues and cancer.

Silicate salts

Silicate salts are added in Palmolive, and other salts. These cause eye and skin irritations when consumed/inhaled. According to the FDA, silicate salts are classified as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) if added in low amount.

But, nothing can cover up the fact that silicate salts cause allergies, respiratory issues, and organ system toxicity.

Sulfuric acid

You’re already guessing it. Sulfuric acid is added to Palmolive and Ajax. The EWG confirms its dangerous effect, and links it to skin irritations, allergies, skin burns, eye damage, and dermatitis. Sulfuric acid is carcinogen and asthmagen.

The FDA says that it’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), but let’s just say that you shouldn’t use it at all.


Pentasodium pentetate is one of the most common fragrances producers use. It irritates skin and eyes. EWG says it’s not a reason for major concern, you should avoid it at any cost.

These soaps contain the abovementioned toxins. Most of them are classified as GRAS, but long-term exposure to such toxins can lead to the development of serious health problems.

Opt for healthier alternatives or at least use safer soaps. Here are some nice suggestions:

  1. Better Life
  2. Puracy
  3. Method
  4. Ecover
  5. Seventh Generation

You can also make your own soap. Pick the right ingredients, and go all-natural. Watch the video below for more detailed information.

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