Place a Clothespin on Your Ear For 20 Seconds. The Results Will Surprise You

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You never thought that ears could be this powerful, right? “Each ear contains a complete reflex map of the body, rich with nerve endings and multiple connectors to the central nervous system,” explains Helen Chin Lui, renowned reflexologist and expert.

Lui spoke about the ways you can use to boost your health and treat severe ailments. One of her techniques involves using a clothespin.

By placing the clothespin on different areas of your ears you can improve your overall condition.

There are six major points in your ears, and each of them is related to a specific part of the body. Stimulate these points to treat your current health problem.

Here’s some more detailed explanation:

  1. Upper part

This spot is related to your shoulders and back. Stimulate it for a minute to relieve tension.

  1. Upper part of the ear’s curve

This spot is related to your internal organs. Place the clothespin on it to treat tenderness and discomfort.

  1. Upper-middle part of the ear

Stimulate this spot to soothe aching and stiff joints.

  1. Lower-middle part of the ear

Place the clothespin on this spot to relieve sinusitis, sore throat, and congestion. It will also help you sleep better.

  1. The part above the earlobe

This spot is related to your digestive tract. Stimulate it to relieve stomach pain, enhance digestion or prevent digestive disorders.

  1. Earlobe

It is related to your head and heart. Place the clothespin on this spot to relieve headache and migraine. Its stimulation will also strengthen your heart.

As you can see, clothespins can do a lot more than just hold your clothes hanged.


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