Never Buy The Toxic Laundry Detergents Again By Switching To This Natural 2-Ingredient Mixture

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Very often, the use of a new laundry detergent causes skin irritations and rashes. Apparently, these adverse effects are a result of the harmful chemicals in these products.

Researchers at the University of Washington conducted a study which showed that many of the top-selling laundry products are loaded with toxic compounds.

Anne Steinemann, one of the professors who worked on this study, was actually horrified by the scale of toxicity found in laundry detergents. In her own words:

‘I was surprised by both the number and the potential toxicity of the chemicals that were found. Nearly 100 volatile organic compounds were emitted from these six products, and none were listed on any product label. Plus, five of the six products emitted one or more carcinogenic hazardous air pollutants, which are considered by the Environmental Protection Agency to have no safe exposure level.’

Due to such findings, numerous people have decided to find a safer, natural solution to cleaner clothes. White vinegar seems to be the best solutions found, as it offers even better effects than commercial detergents and causes no toxicity.

These are its benefits:

  1. Skin irritations due to the use of commercial detergents are caused by its residue left on the clothes. Yet, if you use white vinegar, it will leave no residue. However, if you still use detergents, add half a cup of white vinegar in the last rinse to remove all residues from the clean clothes.
  2. To clean the stubborn stains from the clothes, e.g. from grease, red wine, coffee, etc., you should mix half a cup of white vinegar and hot water, and leave them to act overnight. Then, wash the clothing item as usual.
  3. White vinegar fights off even the worst smells on the clothes.
  4. The acidity of white vinegar completely eliminates sweat and deodorant stains. Just add a bit of it directly to the stains before washing them.
  5. Japanese researchers proved that the combination of white vinegar and salt has strong antibacterial qualities, so just mix half a cup of white vinegar and 2 teaspoons of salt and this will eliminate any bacterial residue found on your clothes.
  6. In the case of delicates and hand wash- only clothes, just add 6 tablespoons of white vinegar to cold water and soak them for an hour. Then, scrub gently and rinse.
  7. White vinegar will also prevent static shocks!
  8. Add half a cup of white vinegar for the regular-sized load, and you will solve all your issues pet hairs and general fuzz, as they actually stick to the clothes due to the detergent residue.
  9. The constant cleaning of clothes leads to the accumulation of lime scale in the washing machine. However, next time you plant to descale your machine, just use 1 cup of white vinegar, and its acidity will quickly do it for you.
  10. The softening effects of white vinegar are the same as from any chemical fabric softener, so just add half a cup of it to a regular sized load, and your clothes will come out soft and smooth.

Doing laundry is not your favorite weekly task we are sure, but white vinegar will definitely make it a lot easier and healthier.

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