This Is What You Need To Check Whenever You Buy Bottled Water!

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Do you know that picking the right bottled water is actually a challenging process? No, not all brands are the same, and some producers use toxic plastic!

Take care of your health, and always check the bottom of your bottle.

Now producers have to label the content. We usually see PP, HDPE, and HDP on our bottles. But, what do these letters mean?

These few letters stand on bottles made from plastic that doesn’t leach toxins in the water. If you see any other letters, your water contains harsh chemicals.

We give you a few handy tricks on how to recognize the good stuff, and remember, you should always check the bottom of your bottle.


This plastic leaches chemicals and heavy metals that disrupt the hormonal balance.


Your bottle is made from the safest plastic, and there’s no risk of chemicals and toxins.


These letters stand for two toxins that cause a hormonal imbalance in the body.


It doesn’t leach chemicals and toxins, but it is not recommended for the production of plastic bottles. Producers add it to plastic bags.


This is the semi-transparent/white plastic that’s used in the production of yoghurt cups and syrup packages.


It’s the plastic added to fast food casings and coffee cups. The worst thing is that it leaches carcinogens in the water.

Non-labelled plastic/PC

Stay away from this plastic! It releases BPA, but some producers still use it in their food containers and sports bottles.

Protect your health, and always buy safe products!


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