My Friend’s House Always Smells Amazing! When She Showed Me This Awesome Trick… I Still Can’t Believe It!

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We all like our home when it smells nice and pleasant, so we often purchase various deodorizing items and scented candles.

Yet, these items are often full of chemicals, which endanger health.

Therefore, it is always a better idea to choose some natural alternative instead of the commercial products, and thus prevent lung issues, as well as other side-effects.

Today, you will get the chance to learn about one amazing trick which will replace all dangerous, expensive air fresheners. I actually heard about it from my friend, who used it for a long time.

Whenever I visited her, I noticed that the place smelled amazing! Then, she told me this simple trick which will make your bedroom, living room, and bathroom smell fresh and pleasant:

All you need is your favorite essential oil, some baking soda, a fork, a hammer, an empty candle light container, and a mason jar with a tin cover.

Clean the candle holder with some warm water and soap, and put some baking soda inside. Then, add 10 drops of the essential oil, and mix them using the fork.

If you like, you can also nestle a tea candle in the middle. Next, tighten the cover of the jar, and using the hammer and a screwdriver, make 5-7 holes.

Then, just uncover it, and repeat the same procedure with the baking soda and the essential oil all over again. Tighten, and start using your natural, safe, and awesome air freshener!

The following video provides all the needed details for its preparation:


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