Egyptians Called It The Plant of Immortality, This is What Aloe Vera Does In Your Body!

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Have you ever used Aloe Vera? The juice maybe? The spiky plant is known as the plant of immortality and the wand of heaven to Native Americans.

Aloe Vera grows well indoors, and it’s an efficient remedy for minor wounds, cuts, and burns. But, it’s definitely powerful when used orally.

Aloe Vera contains over 200 active compounds, amino acids, polysaccharides, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that enhance the absorption of nutrients.

According to the Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Aloe Vera has strong antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties that strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body, and eliminate pathogens.


Aloe Vera is an excellent source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, and folic acid. Vitamin B12 in Aloe Vera plays essential role in the formation of red blood cells. This makes it an excellent choice for vegans and vegetarians.

Amino acids

Aloe Vera contains 20 of the 22 essential amino acids your body uses. Salicylic acid reduces inflammation and destroys bacteria.


Aloe Vera is abundant in magnesium, iron, copper, calcium, zinc, chromium, selenium, sodium, potassium, and manganese. Your body needs these for its metabolic pathways.


Amylase and lipase are just two of the many enzymes found in Aloe Vera. These ease the breakdown of fat and sugar molecules.

Other uses

Aloe Vera is an efficient detoxifying agent. It cleanses your liver, colon, bladder, stomach, kidneys, and spleen. Use it in the treatment of gut inflammation, ulcers, indigestion, and upset stomach.

The juice/gel is beneficial for patients dealing with arthritis, digestion problems, and joint inflammation.

Use it as a mouthwash to remove any plaque buildups. Aloe Vera juice is an excellent remedy for canker sores and oral ulcers.

Squeeze out the juice, and that’s pretty much everything you need to do.

Add Aloe Vera juice to your fresh drinks and smoothies. Consult natural health experts over the best way to use your Aloe Vera juice/gel.

Consider using Aloe Vera instead of all those chemical-laden lotions, ointments, and pills.

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