Cut Lemons And Keep Them In Your Bedroom… Here Is Why!

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Do you know that lemons can boost your move and treat anxiety or depression? Lemons can do a lot more than just treat your cold, and you can use them in your home.

Cut three lemons in half, and keep them on your night table. Wonder why? Check these amazing household uses of lemons:

  • Boost energy
  • Reduce fatigue and treat hangover
  • Improve breathing, and relieve cold and asthma symptoms
  • Refresh air

Use lemons, and you will soon notice how your life has changed in a better way.

Dr. J.C. Hebbar, assistant professor at the Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College, says that lemon essential oil has multiple uses:

  1. Better mood

Put lemon essential oil in your diffuser to improve your mood, and treat depression.

  1. Strong immunity

Lemon essential oil promotes lymphatic drainage and treats colds. Combine it with carrier oils like coconut oil, and rub it onto your neck.

  1. White teeth

Combine lemon essential oil, baking soda, and coconut oil, and rub the resulting mixture onto your teeth for 2 minutes.

  1. Weight management

Plain water is sometimes boring, but you can always add 2 drop of lemon essential oil to it. Drink this three times a day to improve your metabolism, and melt excess pounds.

  1. Face-wash

Lemon essential oil leaves your skin soft, smooth and nourished. Combine lemon oil, baking soda and honey, and wash your face with the resulting mixture.

  1. Hand wash

Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your regular hand wash. In this way you will remove any grease and disinfect your hands.

  1. Fresh laundry

Do you often forget your laundry in the washer? Well, a few drops of lemon essential oil can do the trick, and neutralize any odd smell.

  1. Natural disinfectant

Add one part of tea tree oil, two parts of lemon essential oil, and a tiny bit of white vinegar to a 16-oz spray bottle that you’ve already filled with water. Spray surfaces in your bathroom and kitchen. This solution is excellent for countertops.

  1. Wood/Silver polish

Soak a soft cloth in lemon essential oil, and wood surfaces and silver jewelry.

  1. Remove goo

Lemon essential oil can help you remove sticker or gum residue.


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