Columnar Fruit Trees: Create Your Own City Orchard with These Amazing Dwarf Fruit Trees

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Growing your own fruits is close to magic, right? Well, fruit orchards are the thing for you, and you’ll definitely enjoy both their taste and appearance.

You may dream of having a huge garden, but fruit orchards are an excellent substitute for those who live uptown.

All you need is some hybrid sorts and a little space. Growing your very own organic fruits is easy! The columnar or urban fruit trees are also known as Minarettes and Pillarettes. The tasty fruits grow in clusters, and the trunk is some sort of a spire.

Having a few Minarettes will make a huge difference in your small garden or porch, and there’s nothing better than watching your own organic fruits grow.

How to grow your own Minarettes?

You won’t have any trouble at all. Minarettes grow amazing in zones 4-8, and tolerate different climates. But, don’t even try to grow your tiny trees is the place where you live in is too hot or too cold.

Your marvelous dwarf trees enjoy sunlight and regular watering. Don’t let the soil become too dry or too soggy, and use a nice fertilizer.

Give the containers enough space, and 2-3 feet are just enough. Grow two different sorts to provide an excellent cross-pollination.

Remove any damaged branches, and the tree will grow stronger. This is especially recommended in the early stage of growing, but you won’t have to do it that often once the Minarette grows big.

The Thompson-Morgan fruit tree collection is a nice option, and it offers the following dwarf trees:

  1. Cherry “Sylvia”

You’ll fell in love with its gorgeous pink blooms. “Sylvia” will be the star of your garden. Origin: Gisella 6.

  1. Plum “Black Amber”

Ferlinain is a nice one, and it will give you a bunch of sweet, aromatic plums.

  1. Pear “Doyenne du Comice”

Quince A trees provide the most delicious aromatic pears.

  1. Apple “Gala”

Fancy a red apple? You can also juice these, too. Try Rootstock M27.

  1. Apple “Golden Delicious”

These can be stored for a long time after being picked. Look for Rootstock M9.

Starkbros columnar tree apples

Grow the Colonnade apple trees to enjoy crisp apples. Plant them in a nice decorative pot, and keep it on your porch. You can also plant these in your garden. Mature apple trees grow up to 10 feet in height and 24 feet in width.

These trees have lovely pink blooms in spring, and an amazing appearance throughout every season. Your tree will give you organic apples every year.

The dwarf trees are definitely the investment you need. They may be pricey, but they’re sure worth it. You will enjoy your Minarettes for at least 20 years.


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