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Why Women in China Don’t Get Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and numerous women fight this battle with it on a daily basis.

One of these women was the famous Professor Jane Plant. This woman, a devoted wife, a mother, and …

4 Indian Beauty Secrets For Long, Healthy Hair!

Physical appearance can turn into a big confidence setback, so keeping the exterior healthy and on point is crucial for many people.
It is not just about the beauty of your physical body, it is about maintaining the energetic, youthful and …

Doctors Warn: This Common Drug Can Damage Your Liver

Numerous prescription and over-the-counter drugs lead to severe adverse effects, and most households contain many of these dangerous drugs.
Millions of people take such medicines daily, in order to treat back pain, cold and flu, headaches, joints pain, muscle pain, and …