9 Signs You’re Overstressed And You Don’t Know it

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Stress triggers numerous health problems, but most people find it hard to determine their problem.

You have to learn how to recognize the early signs of this problem, and relieve them before things get too complicated.

How to tell if you are overstressed?

  1. Weak libido

Stress affects your sex drive, as it reduces the secretion of hormones responsible for your sexual activity. Sometimes it may also cause exhaustion and impotence.

Relax, and your sexual life will improve significantly. Talk to your partner, and work on the solution to your problem.

  1. Hair loss

Carolyn Jacob, the medical director and founder of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, healthy people lose about 100 hairs every day.

But, stress may increase this number. Overstressed individuals lose more hair after the resting phase, and let’s be honest, hair loss affects self-confidence.

  1. Mood swings

Stress affects hormonal balances, and the sufferer deals with constant mood swings, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction, and other mental problems.

  1. Obsessive focus on jobs, obligations, finances

Stress changes the way in which you see things. It makes you concerned about your job. Take a deep breath, and try to relax. Overthinking will only make the problem even worse, and you may end up dealing with severe health problem. Spend more time with your friends and family.

  1. Weight management issues

Stress may “kill” or boost your appetite, so try to find a way to cope with it.

  1. Sleep disorders

Stress affects your good night’s sleep, and makes you tired and exhausted. Stay away from stressful situations, and get enough rest. Yoga, meditation and exercising will help you sleep better. You can also walk in nature or read a good book.

  1. Anxiety/Restlessness

Stress triggers anxiety and restlessness. If not treated on time, it may have a devastating effect on your overall health.

  1. Lack of patience

Stress, anger, frustrations and intolerance make you impatient. Work on your stress, and your life will be much happier.

  1. Pain

Stress affects the normal function of your body, and causes headache, arthritis, chest pain, ulcers, palpitation, muscle soreness, diarrhea, and digestive disorders.

Bring your health to an optimal level, and stay away from stress or negative emotions. Focus on the things you love, and enjoy life.

Featured image source: www.powerofpositivity.com

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