7 Pesticide-Filled Teas You Should Throw Away

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We all love tea. It’s the perfect drink for every season. Some like it hot and steaming, while others prefer it served on the rocks.

Tea is definitely a healthier caffeine bomb when compared to coffee and energy drinks.

But, latest research suggests that conventional tea brands are packed with toxins like fluoride and pesticides. You’d all agree that fluoride-rich tea is the last thing you want to drink.

We suggest that you opt for healthier options. Tea leaves are not always washed prior packing. This means that you get teabags filled with pesticide treated herbs. It turns out that most non-organic tea brands contain carcinogens that are usually listed as “natural flavors.”

According to a study published by Food Research International, British people have already exceeded the recommended daily intake of fluoride.

Unhealthy levels of fluoride are linked to excessive consumption of tea. Fluoride affects kidneys, bones, and teeth. Herbs absorb it while growing. Cheap brands use the older leaves of the plant. As you may know, older leaves contain higher concentrations of fluoride.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation did a research based on the products of Tetley, Signal, No Name, King Cole, Lipton, Uncle Lee’s Legends of China, and Twinnings. The results were more than disturbing.

Researchers have found that half of all tea brands contain too many toxins. Guess who the worst offenders were…

  • Uncle Lee’s Legends of China had 20 types of pesticides, including Endosulfan, known for is detrimental effect on the nervous system
  • No Name contains 10 pesticides
  • King Cole contains monocrotophos, a soon-to-be-banned ingredient that causes irregular heartbeat and coma

This doesn’t exclude the opportunity that other tea brands contain safe ingredients. Red Rose was the only tea brand that didn’t contain any pesticides.

So, drink white tea instead of your favorite tea. It’s made of young leaves that contain almost no fluoride. Always buy organic, loose leaf tea, and brew it at home.

Check the label, and make sure your tea doesn’t contain any GMOs or added flavors. Remember, most restaurants serve pesticide-rich tea.

We give you the proper timing for every tea:

  • Oolong tea – 4-7 minutes
  • Herbal teas -- at least 5 minutes
  • Black/Pu-reh tea – 3-5 minutes
  • White/Green tea – 2-3 minutes

Check the list below. It contains the names of the safe tea brands, and we suggest that you stick to them:

  • Red Rose
  • Two Leaves
  • Organic Traditional Medicinals
  • Choice Organic Teas
  • Numi Tea
  • EDEN Organic
  • Rishi Tea
  • Organic Stash
  • Organic Tazo

Watch the video below to learn more information on tea brands and their effect on overall health.

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